Romero: I Don’t Like Gervonta Davis, He’s Getting Whupped!

Rolando Romero has made a bold prediction ahead of his fight against Gervonta Davis on May 28.

‘Tank’ Davis will be making the fourth defence of his secondary WBA lightweight title but according to the challenger, who was speaking at yesterday’s media workout, it won’t last long.

“One round, I’m knocking him out. If I say I’m going to do it, then I’m going to do it.

“He’s going to get knocked out by the first punch that he eats. He’s going to run right into something.”

The two rivals have done their fair share of trash talking in the build-up and Romero once again made no secret of how he feels about Davis.

“I don’t like ‘Tank’ as a person and I believe he’s going to get whupped in this fight.

“He ducked me twice for sparring and the bad blood has been there ever since. I’ve been calling him out since 2017. The only reason this fight was made was because I wanted it. He doesn’t want this. He wishes he was fighting some 126 or 122-pounder.”

Romero believes his power, accuracy and explosiveness will be too much for the titleholder and the Nevada lightweight is confident Davis is there for the taking.

“Tell me one fight where he hasn’t gotten punched on by smaller dudes with no power? I’m way more accurate than anyone he’s ever fought. I’m way stronger and more explosive. It’s just common sense, he’s getting knocked out.”