Russell aims high, calls out Crawford

As if 2020 couldn’t get any more surreal, WBC featherweight champion Gary Russell Jr. has claimed he would jump four weight divisions to fight WBO 147lbs king Terence Crawford and that negotiations are ongoing.

On two apparently serious Instagram videos, the immensely gifted Russell (31-1, 18 KOs) said advisor Al Haymon had contacted Crawford’s promoter Top Rank to explore the possibility of the eye-rubbing encounter.

Few in boxing doubt the brilliance of the quicksilver Russell, but a lack of activity has seen him fail to capitalise on his pound-for-pound talents. Six fights in six years have robbed boxing of a potential superstar.

Yet Russell’s self-belief has not been dented and he took to Instagram to unleash a no holds barred challenge.

“I will fuck Terence Crawford up!” said Russell. “As a matter of fact, just to let you know how serious I am, I was on the phone with Al [Haymon] a couple of days ago and we’re in negotiations right now to the fans who don’t know. We definitely reached out to Bud and we’re just waiting back for a response. This shit is going down on my end, baby!”

In a later post inside the gym, Russell referenced a previous, physical altercation with Crawford some years ago and said that his pursuit was continuing.

“The second conversation with Al Haymon about Terence Crawford. We officially made an offer, and it’s been sent to Terence Crawford,” he said. “Terence, let’s settle this shit once and for all and show the fans what would have happened had you attempted to fight back if I punched you in the mouth

“Let’s do this in front of everybody and showed what would have happened. This is for real. All we’re doing is waiting for a response. If the fight doesn’t happen, I want all the fans and the punk ass haters and doubters to know that it didn’t happen because of Terence Crawford.

“He didn’t want to make weight point, blank, and period. The ball is in your court now. Make something happen, slim. As you can see, I don’t got no sauna suit or none of that shit on.

“I got a tank top on. I don’t got to cut no weight. I’m walking around at 140, 139 already. A good meal after a good work. It’s time to eat, man. Terence, come see me, man.”