Ryan Garcia aiming for Gervonta Davis

Rising lightweight star Ryan Garcia hopes to face WBA Regular champion Gervonta Davis in the near future, comparing his rival to big hitters Mike Tyson and Sonny Liston.

Speaking on the Impact Network, Garcia assessed the new wave of talent in the 135lbs division with the weight class seemingly on the brink of a thrilling era.

“There’s a lot of interesting fighters there. Devin Haney is long and lengthy. You’ve got Teofimo Lopez, who is short but destructive. Then, you’ve got Gervonta Davis. I consider him a little Mike Tyson,” said Garcia.

Garcia wants a clash with WBA Regular champion Gervonta Davis (above).

“I’m ready for it, no matter who it is. What I really want to do, I want to fight Gervonta Davis. I see him as a Sonny Liston. He doesn’t love boxing, he loves the money. You don’t need to be a world champion.

“That’s my attitude coming into it and I’m ready to prove those words,” he continued. “He’s a shorter fighter. So it’s obvious that my distance will play a key. There’s also a hidden factor in this. I know for a fact that Gervonta is thinking, ‘This guy… I’ll walk right through him’. 

“That’s the question – would he walk right through me? I know for a fact he won’t. I’m not a dumb fighter and he doesn’t have any tricks. He ducks down and comes up every time. I’m not going to fall for that.”