Shannon Briggs has failed a VADA (Voluntary Anti-Doping Association) random drug test according to ESPN. ‘The Cannon’ gave a positive urine sample for very high levels of testosterone. He has a fight scheduled on June 3rd against Fres Oquendo for the vacant WBA ‘regular’ title but that will most likely be cancelled.

Briggs, former world champion, has long been campaigning for another run at a world title. He has rejuvenated himself within boxing community whilst gaining a massive following on social media through his catchphrase ‘Let’s go champ’.

The fight is not officially cancelled just yet but it is inevitable that the WBA will eventually pull the plug.

“We are more than happy to fight Shannon whenever, but at this point, it is in the hands of the WBA,” said Donna Westrich, from Team Oquendo, who confirmed the Briggs situation on Sunday evening in an interview with Sun-Sentinel.

This is not the first time Briggs has gotten himself into trouble with banned substances. Back in 2009 he failed post-fight drug test for an undisclosed banned substance and received a 90-day suspension.

He will be most likely slapped with another hefty suspension due to his latest screw up.