Steven Collins Confirms He’s Licensed As A Pro Again, Third Fight Against Nigel Benn Getting Close

Steven Collins and Nigel Benn fought twice back in the 1990’s and became instant stars of their time. Now both fighters are three years in their 50’s and looking to get back at it again for the third time.

Earlier this year it was reported that Collins and Benn have agreed to complete the trilogy and fight once more. Benn lost the previous two but he still wants ‘closure’.

Speaking to Talk Sport, ‘The Celtic Warrior’ confirmed he’s been granted a professional boxing license.

“I have applied for a professional boxing license in which I have been successful at receiving. I’m now a licensed professional. If they come up with a deal and the money is there, I’ll have him,” said Collins.

Benn said that there is 5 million on the table for each fighter.

“It’s on the cards. I am not mucking around with him anymore. It is £5million on the table, each, and this guy ain’t got a pot to urinate in but he thinks he is calling the shots. To me, it is not about the money. It is about closure. I never had closure,” commented Benn.

‘The Dark Destroyer’ also stated that he is actually in better shape now than he was during his younger days.

Benn then talked about his substance abuse and why he’s fitter that ever.

“Steve has got his licence and I have been training for two years. I am now fitter now than when I was world champion. I was sniffing, I was smoking at the age of eight and finished at 43,” told Benn

Time will tell if we’ll actually see ‘The Celtic Warrior’ and ‘The Dark Destroyer’ in the ring for one more time.


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