“Stop Hiding Behind Eddie Hearn,” Charles Martin Tells Dillian Whyte

Former IBF heavyweight champion Charles Martin wants to welcome Dillian Whyte to America by “knocking him out”.

Whyte is heavily rumoured to be hitting the road for his next fight by travelling Stateside for a bout in August. As things stand it appears that Martin’s unbeaten compatriot Jermaine Franklin is leading a pack of possible opponents who are in the frame to face the Jamaican-born Brit. However, Martin and Whyte have become embroiled in a feud of late that has led to ‘Prince’ calling out the WBC Interim champion.

Martin believes that fighting ‘The Body Snatcher’ would be easy because his rival “takes too many clean punches”. Whyte told Sky Sports that those words were the “ravings of a deluded fool” and described the 35-year-old as “useless bum” and “damaged goods”.

Martin, who lost his title to Whyte’s biggest rival Anthony Joshua by second round knockout in April 2016, has hit back with scathing words of his own.

“You ain’t the prize. Fury is the prize; Joshua is the prize,” said Martin.

“You going to come all the way over to America to fight a bum and not me? Why don’t you let me welcome you here by knocking you the f*** out? I’m rated all across the board brother so who else you gonna fight? If you really want to convince the people that I’m easy then why don’t you come over here and take this easy money from me then because you know you can’t do that. Stop hiding behind Eddie Hearn.”