Former world champion and one of boxing’s greatest legends Sugar Ray Leonard has shared some advice for the UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor. When asked what should the Irishman do against Floyd Mayweather Jr, Leonard had a simple answer.

“Duck,” he said according to

Even though he does consider McGregor a tough fighter, Leonard believes Mayweather will be in charge throughout the fight.

“It’s boxing versus the MMA guy. The dominant boxer wins,” explained Leonard.

The 61-year old legend isn’t too sure if McGregor can even go 12 rounds against Floyd. He thinks it would be “very impressive” should McGregor make it till the end.

Many have shared their displeasure with the fight, such as Lennox Lewis and Max Kellerman, but Leonard believes the fight will not make “a mockery” of boxing. Instead, it’s a nice payday for both but obviously, we knew that already.