Taylor: If Catterall Got The Decision Against Me I Wouldn’t Have Grumbled

Undisputed super-lightweight champion Josh Taylor says he wouldn’t have complained had Jack Catterall got the decision against him in their fight in February.

Five weeks on and the dust has slowly begun to settle from that night in Glasgow where ‘The Tartan Tornado’ emerged as a controversial winner. Many believed Catterall had done more than enough to go back to Chorley as the new king of the 140lbs division.

Taylor still believes however that he did just enough to get his hand raised.

“I personally scored the fight 113-112 to myself, but I can see why a lot of people thought Jack won because there were a lot of rounds in there that could have gone either way, you could have scored it for Jack or for myself, a lot of swing rounds,” Taylor told Sky Sports.

“So, if it had been a draw, it would have been a fair result, if it had gone to Jack by a point or two, I wouldn’t have grumbled, either.”