Tony Bellew Guarantees One Thing, Talks Rematch – “We Will Never Be Friends.”

The rematch between David Haye and Tony Bellew will happen.

Both fighters have at least verbally agreed to fight and promoter Eddie Hearn has promised an announcement for next week.

Haye made the first announcement on Twitter and earlier today Bellew replied and confirmed that he will see Haye ‘soon enough’.

In a recent interview with Betsafe, Bellew talked about the rematch.

“It can all end in the first 10 seconds, it really can. If I hit him clean with a left hook he’s gone but if he hits me with a big right hand I’m gone too,” said Bellew.

“I am not a fantasist, I am a realist, and I have always said this. This is what I told him before the first fight, ‘what happens when I defeat you?’ and he said, ‘that cannot happen, that cannot happen, that cannot happen.’ And I said ‘but you have to understand it can, because we are just two men, and either of us can render each other unconscious at any point’, that’s what we can both do to people,” he continued.

It’s more than obvious that the two do not like each other at all. Bellew revealed that he has not seen Haye since the fight and he doubts that he will. ‘The Bomber’ also said they most likely won’t be able to bury the hatchet ever.

“We haven’t met since the fight and I don’t think we’re going to meet. He said certain things, that were wrong and disgusting. David’s not my kind of person, I respect him as an athlete but I don’t have to like the guy. He’s an amazing fighter with a great resume but when it comes to being a person, he’s forgot himself and is a bit of an a******,” said the Liverpudlian.

With Bellew it’s either or and Haye will never get on his good side.

“We will never be friends, it’s like me and the other fella from Wales (Nathan Cleverly), it’s a clash of personalities.”


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