Maybe it’s safe to say that Tony Bellew is officially after a David Haye-rematch?

The Liverpudlian recently did an interview with Betsafe and completely lashed out at Haye who is recovering from achilles injury. It seems like Bellew really wants to fight Haye again.

“If people want to see a rematch, I’ll do it again. I’ll do him. But he has to understand who’s in charge now. It’s not him any more. I had to dance to his tune last time. I will not dance again. It’s him that has to dance. I’ve got the pole ready and I’ve got my £5 note ready to put him his underpants,” told Bellew in an interview with Betsafe.

Bellew stated that he won’t go after Anthony Joshua because it would require too much from the former cruiserweight. ‘The Bomber’ will apparently move on from the Deontay Wilder challenge as well simply because the American is too big.

WBO champion Joseph Parker has been a viable candidate for Bellew but from the looks of things – he wants to fight Haye again even though his goal is to become a world champion.

“I like the Joseph Parker fight more than the David Haye fight. The dream is to become heavyweight champion of the world. I don’t get that dream fulfilled by beating the Hayefaker. I’m going to make the right decision for me ultimately. We’ll know soon enough. I like the Joseph Parker fight but I also do believe there is unfinished business with Sideshow Bob [Bellew’s nickname for David Haye],” said ‘The Bomber’.

He then proceeded to throw just a bit more gasoline into the fire.

“Everyone goes on about this injury. He hasn’t harped on about it but all he’s done is show pictures of himself in a cast. He’s hitting a bag now but no-one’s interested. Just fight and shut up.”