If you had high hopes for a Tyson Fury return in July then you might want to cancel that.

The U.K Anti-doping agency are not going to play ball with Frank Warren and Fury. Warren says Fury’s next UKAD hearing might be delayed until October. Meaning the planned July 8th comeback fight would not happen. Naturally Warren isn’t happy about UKAD’s decision and will do anything in his power to fight back.

“This whole business is outrageous. Tyson is being prevented from earning a living and regaining his world titles even though he had not been convicted. The government should intervene. Let UKAD get on with proving Tyson is guilty of something he denies or let him get back to his career. Instead they are letting this drag on in secrecy while leaking information themselves,” said Warren.

Tyson and his cousin Hughie Fury are facing allegations of using performance enhancing drugs. Both fighters failed drug tests two years ago that indicated usage of nandrolone – an anabolic steroid. The Fury’s deny taking any PED’s. Also, The British Boxing Board of Control took away Fury’s license due to him confessing taking cocaine for acute depression.

Fury’s case with UKAD has been troublesome from the get go. He has to battle with two different entities before getting his license back. Then there is the serious question of a possible suspension for his actions. Not the best of times for ‘The Gypsy King’.