Fury Hints At Return: “We’ve Got Some Exciting News Coming”

Tyson Fury

The fighting career of Tyson Fury may not be over just yet.

After his emphatic win over Dillian Whyte on April 23 at Wembley Stadium the WBC champion told everyone around the world that his days as a fighter were over. He reiterated his stance during an interview with Piers Morgan 48 hours later.

Since then, his social media followers have been treated to training clips, images from holidays abroad and the usual life and times of ‘The Gypsy King’.

But today in an interview with Queensberry Promotions Dev Sahni, alongside Fury’s promoter Frank Warren, the number one heavyweight revealed that a recent lunch with Warren has resulted in the two working on a big announcement.

Speaking via a video chat from his local barber’s while getting a haircut Fury said:

“We’ve got some very exciting news coming. I think the world’s been waiting for a plan of action and we had a nice bit of Italian down in London. We had a long conversation about lots of stuff.”

Fury then handed the floor to Frank Warren who was sat next to Sahni:

“We looked at a couple of scenarios,”

“I’ve been working over the weekend; I spoke to Tyson again today and we’ll hopefully come up with something that Tyson wants to do.”

“We’re talking about various scenarios, maybe an exhibition bout, we don’t know, something will come out of it. Once Tyson’s happy then I’ll be happy and whatever’s gonna be will be.”

“There’s obviously a lot of things to talk about and the public will want to see Tyson Fury back in the ring where he’s the king. That’s what they want. I want to see that.”

Despite Fury’s insisting he was walking away from the sport Warren had said during interviews afterwards that these were the prime years for Fury. To carry on fighting now rather than coming back in a couple of years when the best days are behind you.

“I like fellas to fight when they’re in their prime,” said Warren. “That performance last time out [against Whyte] was something else. We’re going to have a good chat and I’m sure we’re going to have some good news as Tyson said that we can be announcing fairly soon.”

It is perhaps not entirely head spinning news that Fury is considering returning in some form. The current heavyweight landscape could shape an undisputed title fight between the lineal champion and the winner of the Oleksandr Usyk-Anthony Joshua rematch next month. If the right deal is offered, then it could be impossible to turn down.

Fury rubbished reports that he was currently in negotiations to face the winner but said he would be the man to sort ‘this circus out’ once, in his opinion, Usyk beats Joshua for a second time.

In some shape or form though Fury confirmed he will be back in a ring in the future.

“Like the Jerry Maguire movie said, Frank show me the money!”

“If anyone can show me the money he can. If he can bring someone back from the absolute dead like he did with me he must have magic, so he’s nicknamed The Magic Man. He’s going to show us the money and we’re going to make something big, big, big happen.”