Things Have Gone From Bad To Worse For Fury – “I’m A Fat B##ch”

Aside from the many Instagram updates, we really haven’t heard anything about Tyson Fury’s current condition – until now.

Fury was a guest at a charity event this past weekend and needless to say he looked absolutely massive. He even said it himself.

“I’m in the fattest shape of my life, I’m a fat b##ch,” Fury said according to The Sun.

He has admitted that he is eight stone over his usual fighting weight. Eight stone is around 50 kilogram’s which is about 110 pounds. That’s a lot of extra weight to be carrying around.

“I’ve had too much curry and pie,” explained Fury.

Nonetheless, he is still planning to make his long-awaited return around September. His plan is to get a few tune-ups under his belt and then eventually face Anthony Joshua.

“I’ll have a couple of warm up fights to try and get some fat off then we’ll go for the big’un, everyone’s saying it’s a big one but if I can’t beat a weightlifter then I must be s***”

At least he is very optimistic.

“I’ve only got eight stone to lose.”