Tyson warns Joshua about the “Crown Of Thorns”

If there ever was a person who could share some advice about what not to do when becoming a boxing star – it’s Mike Tyson.

As it is very well documented, ‘Iron’ Mike set the blueprint for spending and behaving the wrong way as an athlete. The former undisputed world champion is now handing out advice to the current champion, Anthony Joshua. Tyson has taken notice of Joshua’s growing influence around the globe and understands the potential that he has in boxing.

“Joshua has the potential to do a lot of things. He’s got the look and throws a lot of hard punches. But there is so much pressure on him. I was in Dubai and there are big posters of him there,” commented Tyson in an interview with BBC Radio 5.

Tyson warns Joshua about the ‘crown of thorns’ that is the heavyweight boxing championship and everything that comes with it. He insists that whatever happens, Joshua has to stay focused only on boxing and steer clear from bad decisions.

“The heavyweight championship will drive people crazy, you know that right? It’s like a crown of thorns. Everyone wants to use you for something. It’s like being the President of the United States. Joshua can’t get the big head. He has to focus on fighting. When you start focusing on money, girls or whatever it is, it’s going downhill. No religion, nothing, you can do those things when the fight is over. Let’s see if he can handle that stuff,” said Tyson.