Third Time Unlucky For Ahmed And Khademi

Ijaz Ahmed and Quaise Khademi

After 34 rounds of boxing each other neither Ijaz Ahmed (10-2-2, 1 KO) nor Quaise Khademi (8-1-2, 2 KOs) have reason to celebrate their rivalry.

Three fights in 16 months began with Ahmed winning a 10-round decision in February 2021. Six months later the two men fought out a split draw and then the same result was repeated tonight in Telford.

Judge Howard Foster scored it 115-112 in favour of Ahmed, Terry O’Connor gave it to Khademi 114-113 and Phil Edwards card was the one no-one wanted, a 114-114 draw.

It was a verdict both dreaded and they expressed their disgust in the ring at the conclusion which means the British Super Flyweight title remains vacant.

The judges score cards can be seen below courtesy of IntuBoxing on twitter:

Khademi’s back foot boxing, movement and speed gave Birmingham’s Ahmed problems throughout while the latter pressed forward undeterred by anything coming at him.

In the early rounds Khademi would showcase some eye-catching moves such as an uppercut then moving away from his opponent to leave him having to get into chase mode again.

The Afghan-born Londoner was always mixing up his shots. Singles, combinations and a flicking jab all played their part as did his fitness which never failed him once despite his constant movement for 12 rounds.

Ahmed had to make Khademi pay when any mistakes were made. In the third Khademi got adventurous and stormed in only to be hit with a left hand.

Ahmed’s positive start in the sixth looked like a moment to grab the fight by the horns but it failed to materialise.

During the ninth round Khademi was docked a point by referee Michael Alexander for consistent holding. One way or another it looked like it would have a fight changing effect on the scorecards.

Khademi appeared to get the better of the final few rounds and got more confident in the final nine minutes. His speed of shot picked up, the combinations increased and with more power he could have done damage.

The truth is they could have gone to the old school 15 round format, and it still would have gone to the scorecards. Should there be a fourth fight it might be time for either Khademi or Ahmed to take matters out of the judges’ hands.