We get it. It’s his last hurrah and there’s no way James Toney(77-10-3, 47 KOs) is losing in front of his homecrowd. Enter Mike Sheppard(24-21-2, 10 KOs). A journeyman of no notable wins and who is known for doing ‘jobs’ against veteran legends. Sheppard’s assumed assignment on Saturday night: go down in the sixth.

That he certainly did, but oh boy was it ever awkward looking.

Toney organised the fight through his Lights Out Promotions. The pay per event was held at the Eastern Michigan University Campus Convocation Center and had a price tag of $15,99. This was Toney’s first win in four years but fortunately he is now hanging them up for good. He has looked like a former shell of himself during the latter part of his career. He’s had weight issues and his speech problem is well documented as well.