WBC Creates A Custom Belt For GGG-Canelo, De La Hoya Promises ‘6 to 8 Rounds Of Hell’

The WBC has come back with another custom belt for another mega fight.

Last month they unveiled ‘The Money Belt’ to the public before Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor had their record breaking pay-per-view event in Las Vegas. After almost ten rounds, Mayweather took what was eventually his with a TKO victory over McGregor.

The WBC announced that the winner of Gennady Golovkin versus Canelo Alvarez will also get a custom WBC belt. Here are the pictures.

While both fighters still prepare for their upcoming bout on September 16th, the anticipation among boxing fans is growing by the day.

Golovkin and Canelo is one of the biggest middleweight fights of the current era if not the biggest in terms of skill and experience. Promoter Oscar De La Hoya has said that it will be ‘Haggler-Hearns’ all over again once the bell rings and he explained why.

“I like six to eight rounds of hell, I like six to eight rounds of hell, and my boy’s gonna win,” said ‘Golden Boy’ according to

He then into detail about why the fight will deliver.

“It’s a pick ‘em fight. It’s a 50-50 fight. I mean, look, these guys have been fighters all their lives, boxers all their lives, they know how to move in the ring, they know how to throw punches from different angles, they know how to bob and weave, they know how to get out of trouble when necessary, they know how to knock you out. These guys are real fighters, real boxers,” told De La Hoya.

He is certain that we will see a memorable classic on September 16th.

“And so the fact that you have the two top guys in the middleweight division fighting in the same ring, on the same night, this is one fight that you just don’t wanna miss. I’m telling you, it’s gonna be Hagler-Hearns all over again,” summarised De La Hoya.


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