WBC Receive Fury-Whyte Deposit, Hearn Talks Whyte’s Silence

The mandated WBC heavyweight title fight between Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte took another step in the right direction yesterday.

With purse bids lodged last week, Queensbury came out on top with a record bid, but contracts had still to be signed. Although WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman confirmed the 10% deposit had been received late last night.

“WBC has received the 10% deposit as per our rules for the record-breaking purse bid of $41,025,000 for Fury v Whyte. Next step is site and date confirmation and then signed contracts by both fighters.”

The silence from Dillian Whyte, and his ongoing dispute over the 20% he is to receive from the purse split, had led to fan theories that the fight may not happen. 

Eddie Hearn, who has promoted the majority of Whyte’s fights, was a guest on the popular MMA Hour hosted by Ariel Helwani on YouTube. The respected broadcaster and journalist brought up the topic of Fury-Whyte and asked Hearn if he thought the challenger would take the fight.

“For sure,” the promoter responded.

Hearn was then asked about Whyte’s silence so far when so many are keen to hear his reaction.

“He’s just chilled and training,” said Hearn. “I think there’s a way to deal with Fury. Do you really want to get in a slagging match with Tyson Fury and use all that energy? Do your work, do your training, and go and try and knock him out. This is a shot he’s been waiting for a long time. There’s no conversations, oh shall we look in another direction? There is not other direction. This is the fight.”