WBC to discuss 18th weight division

We are living in the age of the monster heavyweight. As soon as the scales flicker past 200lbs, a fight enters heavyweight territory but that can add to some ridiculous weight disparities when a 6ft, 210lbs fighter looks across the ring at a 6ft 6ins, 270lbs behemoth in the opposing corner. 

Now the WBC are toying with the idea of an 18th weight class, bridging the gap between the cruiserweight and heavyweight divisions. The brainchild of respected fight figure Don Majeski, the new weight class would span 200 to 225lbs to accommodate smaller heavyweights who are essentially caught between divisions due to a lack of weight and height. 

Majeski studied a group of 100 heavyweights and found that 33 weighed 225 pounds or less. Former WBC cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew has now been enlisted to lead a committee to examine the potential introduction of a new division. 

If an 18th weight class is adopted by the WBC Board of Governors, then it will, of course, require a name. While super-cruiserweight, or even junior heavyweight, might seem obvious choices, the WBC is looking at a more leftfield name.

Majeski has suggested ‘Juggernaut weight’ while others have proposed ‘Dreadnought weight’ and even ‘Bridger weight’ to honour young Bridger Walker, who suffered severe injuries saving his younger sister from a savage dog attack.

If the new division is adopted, as seems likely, then the other sanctioning bodies will surely follow suit.