Whyte decisions Helenius in Cardiff

‘The Bodysnatcher’ Dillian Whyte won the WBC ‘Silver’ heavyweight championship against Robert Helenius by unanimous decision with the three judges scorecards totalling scores of 119-109, 119-109 and 118-110.

The fight opened with a cautiously, with both combatants circled each other looking to force the other man into making a mistake in a tentative opening, the first substantial shot was surprisingly landed by Helenius as he sent Whyte back to his corner following the bell ending the second round. Whyte appeared very sluggish and came out for the third with more urgency and had some success as he forced Helenius into one-sided exchanges on the ropes in the third.

Whyte continued to apply sustained pressure through the middle rounds; as his right hand repeatedly continued to find a home on the head of Helenius who continued to find limited success, boxing on the back foot as his output gradually slipped as the fight got over the halfway stage.

Helenius seemed to gradually break down as the fight wore on, looking increasingly fatigued as the fight headed down the stretch. Whyte continued to dominate ‘The Nordic Nightmare’ who was continually forced backwards, but he seemed resilient and intent on meeting the final bell.