Whyte: I will make Povetkin pay for rematch delay

Dillian Whyte is thirsting for revenge after his rematch with Russian nemesis Alexander Povetkin was finally confirmed for March 6, with Gibraltar, Monaco and the Middle East emerging as unlikely host locations.

The Brixton man is still bristling after Povetkin withdrew from previous fight dates in November and January after battling Covid-19 back in Russia. Whyte had hoped to administer a swift payback following his shock fifth round defeat to Povetkin last August, a fight where he had previously scored two knockdowns and was dominating proceedings, yet was left immensely frustrated by the delays. 

“I just want to get in there and smash his face in, to be honest,” Whyte told Sky Sports. “Just get in there, have a fight, let’s go toe to toe and let’s have it.

“I’m just glad that there is nowhere for him to try and hide behind and try and run. He wasted time, letting me get ready for two fights, and then cancelled them at the last minute. I’m glad.

“He pretends to be this nice, humble guy, but he is talking shit. Of course, I’m going to be annoyed. I’m not going to be sat there and laughing. I had a great camp. I’m going to be pissed off and annoyed.”

Povetkin had been respectful in the lead up to their initial encounter last year and that may have led to a touch of complacency from Whyte, but now the Brixton puncher feels the veil has slipped and he will rediscover his fighting edge in their return. The Russian has mischievously suggested Whyte would benefit from a longer preparation, a comment that predictably went down like a lead balloon with the combative Londoner.

“Povetkin was getting beat up, he got damaged in the fight, and I don’t need no time to recover,” countered Whyte. “I was ready to go. How is the delay going to benefit me? 

“I’ve always got a spiteful, nasty streak, but if someone is being respectful it’s difficult to be a certain way. Now he’s showing his true colours and he will pay for it. I am going to hurt him.”

Main image: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing.