Whyte Spits Fire Towards Heavyweights – “F’ All These Guys!”

Even though Dillian Whyte has a fight coming up this August, he is still mad at Deontay Wilder for not accepting a fight against him. Promoter Eddie Hearn has revealed that several offers have been made to Wilder but none of them seem to interest ‘The Bronze Bomber’.

“At the moment the offer stands at four and a half million dollars. Deontay Wilder is a coward. He’s the coward of Alabama. He’s a proper coward. He’s a bully and I can’t be bullied. Whatever he brings to the table, I’ll be there all night. I’ll knock him out, he knows that,” said Whyte in an interview with IFL.TV.

Whyte believes that the big names in the division are avoiding big fights or fights that might potentially damage their record. He feels that he’s the only one who is ready to take on all challenges.

“I’m the only heavyweight out there that’s willing to fight. I don’t care what people say, I don’t care what people think. I wanna fight. I’m willing to fight anyone.”

He then goes on a verbal rampage and lashes out against fellow boxing stars Tony Bellew and Anthony Joshua.

“Tony Bellew, F##K him. He’s a fake heavyweight. He’ just starts s##t. Doesn’t want to fight anyone. F##k A.J as well, he’s a prick. F##k all of these guys,” commented Whyte.

Promoter Hearn believes that many fighters avoid fighting Whyte because he can be ‘a right pain in the ass’.

Watch the action packed interview below.