Whyte Slams Wilder For Ducking, Calls Him ‘An Embarrassment’ To Boxing

Even after a reported offer of 4.5 million dollars, Deontay Wilder has still declined to fight Dillian Whyte. Eddie Hearn and Whyte are trying to get Wilder to bite and organise a fight in London for the WBC championship.

“We have offered him five times more money than he made for his last fight, but he doesn’t want the fight. So what’s the problem?” pondered Whyte in an interview with Sky Sports.

Whyte believes that Wilder is purposely ducking him and that’s why the American is ‘an embarrassment.’

“Why’s he avoiding? Because he knows I’m dangerous and he knows that he’ll lose the fight. Guys like Deontay Wilder are an embarrassment to heavyweight boxing. All the great champions have losses on their record because they fought other great fighters. And that’s the problem with Deontay Wilder – his last 10 fights have been with nobody,” explained Whyte.

Whyte himself is fighting on August 19th in the USA though an opponent has not been announced yet. It’s a good move for the Londoner to get some U.S exposure especially if he’s looking to land a fight against Wilder.

“We’re trying to get the Deontay Wilder fight, so it’ll be good for me to get some exposure in the USA and get some experience abroad as well.”