Former World Champion Claims Deontay Wilder Is The Best, Not Tyson Fury

Former WBA middleweight champion Danny Jacobs had some interesting words the heavyweight division. He obviously stands behind his countryman and claims that Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight around. Jacobs doesn’t mention Anthony Joshua but does say that Tyson Fury is definitely not the best big guy in boxing.

“No, Fury is not the best. With a little bit more polishing Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight right now,” said Jacobs.

His opinion is biased but this is not the first time Fury and Wilder have been mentioned in the same breath. Also, who could forget the famous January 2016 incident between the two. Tyson Fury entered the ring after Wilder’s third WBC title defense and a bit of drama ensued as both fighters started to lash out at each other.