Luis Ortiz Is Officially Out, Deontay Wilder’s New Opponent Revealed

As expected, Deontay Wilder’s original mandatory challenger Bermaine Stiverne has replaced Luis Ortiz in the upcoming WBC World heavyweight title fight.

The Cuban failed to inform VADA that he was taking blood pressure medicine and after his failed drug test, he was removed from the fight.

“Stiverne asked for it, so he’s going to get it. Whatever happens, happens. Ask and you shall receive. I’m relieved to be getting my mandatory out of the way. At least now I won’t have to deal with that down the road,” said Wilder to ESPN.

The WBC champion was frustrated about the Ortiz situation and he’s looking channel his anger on Stiverne.

“Stiverne will pay for Luis Ortiz screwing up,” Wilder commented.

The two boxers have met before back in 2015 when Wilder grabbed the title from Stiverne via unanimous decision.

“In the first fight, I broke my hand in the third round, and I still dominated. That was a lot of the reason why it went the distance. This time it’s a different day, different time and different fight. This time it won’t end well for him,” said Wilder who will be looking to knock his mandatory challenger out.

Stiverne accepted a step aside payment in order for Ortiz to jump in line and get a crack at Wilder first, but ‘King Kong’ is now officially out of the title picture.

His manager Jay Jimenez provided an explanation of the Cuban’s current situation.

“To clarify the Luis Ortiz situation, this is the real and only version of the current process. Mr. Sulaiman and the WBC have NOT suspended or removed Luis from their rankings.

“The WBC’s decision was as follows, they did not sanction the fight based off the fact that they are worried for Luis’s health. And to be honest, I must respect and admire their decision because I agree, the fighter’s health is paramount.

“So, the WBC will schedule a visit with one of their approved physicians to check Luis health, and make sure he is 100% healthy and fit to fight, and that the Blood Pressure pills will not affect him physically.”

“Once Luis has passed all physical exams and is medically cleared to fight by the WBC, we will begin to work on a possible fight towards the end of the year.

“Also, once all is resolved, we hope that we can reschedule the Wilder fight in the first quarter of next year.

“Wilder has shown much interest in fighting Ortiz, and the best fighters in the division, so I know it will not be a hard fight to renegotiate.

“Thank you to everyone for your support. This soon will be corrected, and Luis can continue on with his career,” wrote Jimenez.



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