After a thrilling first encounter between Deontay Wilder and Luis Ortiz back in March 2018, ‘The Bronze Bomber’ promised a similar affair when the pair lock horns once again on November 23 in Las Vegas.

Speaking at their Los Angeles press conference, WBC champion Wilder discussed the special bond the heavyweight pair now share after their enthralling battle, as well as what can be expected when they run it back next month. He said:

“Here we go again. The only way for there to be a rematch was for there to be an exciting first fight. When I first met this man in the ring, it was amazing and inspiring to go up against such a skilful fighter. It was such a great experience for me and an honour for me to face him.

“That first fight was a test for me to show me where my skill level was in the heavyweight division. He was the bogeyman in the heavyweight division for a reason. To this day, they still don’t fight him for a reason.

“I’m the best in the world. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I believe in that and I’ve proven that. I’ve proved so many people wrong and I still have to do it. That gives me the motivation and the will to keep going.

“I created a bond with Ortiz fighting the first time because of our daughters. We were two fathers in the ring who had to battle it out for our families. There’s no better feeling than going to war against another gladiator.

“We’re passionate about this and we want to give the fans the best fight possible. We will do that again because I never leave you without having a great time and giving you excitement. If you’ve never seen a boxing match before, I’m the person to come see. If you want to see excitement, this is the fight to be at. This is the fight to order.”

Challenger Ortiz was in similarly good spirits ahead of his November World title charge. The Cuban vowed that their rematch would once again not go the distance, though promising a different outcome come November 23.

“I won’t make the same mistake this time like I made in the last fight,” He said. “I’m going to be more prepared, more aggressive and have more of everything. I’m taking it all up a level. 

“There was no reason for me not winning the first fight, it just is what it is. We knew that one of us was going to get knocked out. I have that same sentiment for the rematch. This fight is not going 12 rounds. 

“I want November 23 to get here sooner than later. I’m ready to step into the ring and do the job and become heavyweight world champion.”