The Worst Records On BoxRec – A.K.A The Journeymen

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You know the drill.

Almost every boxing show has them and we all know what they are being paid to do. Some consider it to be one of the hardest jobs in professional sports if not the hardest.

We are of course talking about the journeyman. The one to take the fall.

Some journeymen have somewhat decent records to show some signs of competitiveness.

Others? Not so much. Here are some of the worst records ever found on

Donnie Penelton (13-166)

This light heavyweight from Mississippi, USA, started his boxing career back in 1990. Penelton actually won his first four fights but after that, he won only four times during the 90’s despite a ridiculous amount of fights.

Out of 166 losses, Penelton got stopped 33 times. After 19 years of boxing, his career ended in 2009 via TKO.

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Eric Crumble (0-31)

What can you really say about Eric Crumble?

The man has no photo on BoxRec and, well, obviously no wins as well.

What’s notable is that Mr. Crumble never ever went to the distance during his 13 years in professional boxing. He got knocked out 31 times in a row and he also never went past the second round. Talk about making a quick buck.

His career ended in 2003 via, you guessed it, first round TKO loss.

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Peter Buckley (32-256-12)

This Birmingham boxer, also known as ‘The Professor’, started his career back in 1989 and fought until 2008. He had a total amount 300 professional boxing fights.

Buckley was mostly winning his fights until 1991 but after that, he never won two consecutive fights in a row ever again but suffered ‘only’ 10 stoppage defeats during his career.

Unlike many others on this list, Buckley retired from pro boxing with a nice decision victory over Matin Muhammad.

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Reggie Strickland (66-276-17)

‘Raglin’ Reggie Strickland is as old school as they come. This is the definition of a journeyman because he actually tried to string up a few win streaks during the 90’s. His 66 victories out of 359 fights don’t probably mean much to many but Strickland still showed the ability also win a boxing match.

He started his career way back when in 87′ and continued until 2005. During his career, he got knocked out 26 times. He won a couple of Indiana State titles and the Global Boxing Federation title as a super middleweight.

He basically had it all. Titles, knockouts, losses, draws, wins. A proper journeyman.

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