Yarde ring return delayed

Anthony Yarde has been forced to withdraw from his return fight against Germany’s Emin Atra on Saturday’s Bentley-Cash card in London.

The 29-year-old is suffering with a tooth abscess, meaning his 10-rounder against the 17-0 Atra is now subject to a delay.

“I am frustrated but it is what it is and I won’t rush anything,” Yarde said. “It just makes me even more eager to get back out.

“It should take about two weeks, the tooth is next to my canine so I am going to have to use a denture for a little while before having an implant. I definitely won’t be out for long.

“The dentist lady literally laughed when I told her I had a fight coming up! She said if I got hit there – I joked that I don’t get hit… – because it is nerve endings, it could swell up in a way that is uncontrollable.It is one of those things and I have just got to deal with it.”