Amir Khan Kept Calm During Attack – “My Hands Are Weapons”

Recently news came out that former world champion Amir Khan had been attacked in traffic due to a road rage incident. He accidentally made a wrong turn in his Range Rover and apparently cut off another vehicle. The group of men inside the other vehicle started chasing the boxer and eventually tried to attack him on the street.

The boxer has now revealed his side of the story.

“Three men tried to attack me. I was raging, I was really angry. I don’t want to throw punches because I can definitely hurt someone quite badly. My hands are weapons. They’re weapons,” said Khan according to

The Greater Manchester Area Police has also confirmed the incident.

“We were called to reports of road rage incident/assault. It appears the person driving has made a wrong turn and this has angered the person behind them and there’s been an altercation. The driver of the first car was punched. There were no arrests. Anyone with information should contact us,” said the police to The Sun.

Khan said that he was successful in controlling his emotions because of Ramadan, which is a Muslim holy month.

“It’s the month of Ramadan … It’s a holy month. I’m a Muslim. Maybe things would have been different if it wasn’t the month of Ramadan,” Khan said.

The Olympic medallist has not seen any boxing action since 2016. His last fight against Canelo Alvarez ended in a devastating knockout loss.