BoxNation’s Steve Bunce Says He Doesn’t Understand ‘Why Amir Khan Gets ‘Stick’

Longtime BoxNation host and pundit Steve Bunce has touched on the subject of Amir Khan getting too critical comments from fans. Bunce said that he still wonders why the former world champion doesn’t get enough support from the boxing fans.

“I’ve always been amazed since the Olympics in 2004 when he was a mere 17 year old pushing Mario Kindelan all the way in the final. All the way, trust me, Kindelan was running in the last round, running away. I’ve always been amazed that people are critical of Amir Khan,” told Bunce on BoxNation.

He acknowledges that Khan has been a part of some bad incidents, latest being the Twitter war against his ex-wife and tweeting false accusations about Anthony Joshua.

“He’s always fought with his heart on his sleeve. He’s always acted with his heart on his sleeve. Sometimes he hasn’t engaged his brain, I’ll give you that. But we can’t condemn people because they don’t think on about what they are going to do,” Bunce explained.

The host of BoxNation believes that Khan hasn’t done or said anything ‘in any way out of order’.

He’s never said anything that’s offensive or said anything that’s morally or said anything that’s in any way out of order. Why does he get stick? All he’s ever done is entertain us!” he summarised.



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