Eddie Hearn And Deontay Wilder’s Manager To Have A Meeting In New York This Week – “This Could Get Done Immediately”

It’s not often you see or hear Deontay Wilder, his manager Shelly Finkel, and Eddie Hearn together on the same show discussing the potential fight between the WBC World heavyweight champion and Anthony Joshua.

But the latest ‘Tha Boxing Voice podcast’ gave us just that. All three on the same show talking about the fight.

Hearn talked about ‘different ways’ to be ready and how Joshua has been ready for big challenges throughout his career despite his team not always supporting the decisions made along the way.

“There are different ways to be ready. Are you ready to beat Deontay Wilder? Are you the finished article? No way. He’s gonna get better and better. To be honest with you, the coach didn’t really want the Charles Martin fight. Not just because it was Charles Martin but because it was a fight for the World heavyweight championship in his sixteenth fight. Joshua wanted that fight. Joshua pushed for that fight. Joshua took the fight.

“When Deontay Wilder won the title, Shelly Finkel said he’s not ready to unify just yet. That was his 34th fight. It if were up to AJ, he would fight but it doesn’t work like that. Do you think Deontay Wilder wants this fight so bad that he’s willing to take less,” said Hearn on air.

The host of the show then put on Deontay Wilder himself and he had a chat with Hearn on air. The American heavyweight champion wondered why Hearn is often speaking on Joshua’s behalf, regarding the latest ‘eat him’ comment made by Joshua that was said by Hearn to Sky Sports.

“What is the problem right now? No more excuses! No more running! The Mecca of boxing will always be in America but we ain’t worried because we’re gonna get what we’re supposed to. I know me and Joshua are gonna fight. Like I said I declare war and I should be feared. You better take this as a response to back to Joshua. If he says he’s going to eat me then let him make it public. You can’t speak for him, Eddie! We want to hear from Joshua. That’s what the world wants to hear from the champion not from you. There’s only so much you can do, but what you can do is make the biggest fight in boxing happen right now,” said Wilder

Hearn then responded the following

“Trust me Deontay, I’m in boxing to make the biggest fights. There is no one on our side that does not want that fight. We will be reaching out to your team. We will be making offers for the fight. We are happy for the fight to happen next. We’re happy for the fight to happen in the summer. But you can call it running, you can call it ducking. None of it exists. Trust me when I say, he wants to fight with you. He wants to fight the best.”

Finkel then took over and said that he wants the fight done as soon as possible. Promoter Hearn is in New York City this week because of Matchroom’s first ever boxing show on US soil headlined by Danny Jacobs versus Luis Arias. The two went back and forth a bit and decided set up a meeting for this week to discuss Joshua-Wilder.

“I go along way back Eddie and the family and have tremendous respect for them but after that I have not heard back from Eddie. If he wants to make a Joshua fight, my fighter wants that fight next. As soon as we can make it, we’re open to it,” said the manager.

Hearn responded immediately:

“Sounds like we are going to be seeing each other in New York.”

Finkel countered with:

“You tell me when.”

“I have a meeting with Anthony Joshua tomorrow and to be honest with you, it wasn’t our plan to do it up to April. We were planning on having a fight, potentially a Joseph Parker fight but I’ve got no problem sitting down and talking about the deal for this fight,” said Hearn.

“This could get done immediately if you really want it,” replied Finkel.

“And same from us. From our side, no problem at all with this fight,” summarised Hearn.


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