Tyson Fury Announces Comeback – “12-13 Weeks And I’m Back”

He might out of shape and without a license but Tyson Fury is still claiming he will be back this year.

The big man made headlines when he announced that he’s never been this overweight. Although, Fury says things are all right and he’s back on track.

“Back in training now. Lost a good bit of weight. Feeling good and been eating healthy. I just got to get a few things sorted and I’ll be back,” said Fury in an interview with IFL.TV.

Fury still has to get his license back from the British Boxing Board of Control and obviously lose the weight. He is very confident that a comeback will happen this year.

“Hopefully in the next couple of months. Twelve or thirteen weeks and I’m back. I’ve been out for a good bit – eighteen months. By the time I fight again I’ll be out nearly two years,” he said.

In his absence, he has lost his belts but he is still the lineal heavyweight champion of the world. He will not go after his previous belts. He wants big fights instead.

“The only thing that means anything to me is the Ring Magazine which I already have. That’s the holy grail in boxing. That’s the bible of boxing. That’s the only one I’m interested in win or lose.”