Golovkin-Canelo: Here’s What The Press Thinks

The draw result between Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez has caused controversy and much debate within the boxing community.

And what does the boxing media think about all of this?

Here are some of the most popular takes so far.

“Golovkin and Alvarez delivered. The judges didn’t.” Gareth A Davies, The Daily Telegraph“Boxing’s capacity for self harm really knows no bounds and once again the Las Vegas judges served up a scandal . . . A crowd that had screamed in awe unified to show its displeasure. Even the Mexican fans, who had cheered their man so passionately, booed Alvarez. Missiles bounced around at ringside, thrown from the crowd.” Ron Lewis, The Times“In a way it was the ideal decision from a financial point of view, because the rematch will be even bigger, and so will the bank accounts of the fighters, the TV executives, the promoters and all the myriad parties of joined interest. But this was an event that was supposed to b an event that decided who was the best fighter in the world. It did not do that . . . everyone was left frustrated.” Kevin Mitchell, The Guardian

“Boxing was relying on this fight tonight and as a contest, it was thrilling, no question. But any new fans the action created would surely have been repulsed by what followed. How could you possibly explain that score to someone who had never seen boxing before tonight?

“You can’t. Of course you can’t.” Matt Christie, Boxing News.

“The great shame of the controversy was that it overshadowed a magnificent battle between great champions.

“How both men withstood the barrage of punches which would have felled any other fighter in their division remains a mystery.

“Golovkin, 35, may be eight years older than Alvarez yet his courage and power remain undiminished as he walked through his opponent’s brutal counter punches to fight on the front foot for the full 12 rounds.” Mark Irwin, The Sun

“Gennady Golovkin and Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez delivered the fight they both promised in a classic clash that will be remembered for a long time.

“But one judge ensured that it will also be remembered for one of the worst scorecards the sport has seen.” Chris McKenna, Daily Star

“Canelo-Golovkin was a tale of two fights. Golovkin was the aggressor in the first half, while Canelo turned up in the latter half. had it a draw.” Jason Gonzalez, Maxboxing

“The crowd got every cent of their ticket price validated tonight. The judges had the final call.” Marc Livitz, Seconds Out


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