It’s A Must Win Situation For David Haye – “If I Can’t Knock Tony Bellew Out, That’s It For Me”

By the time David Haye enters the ring to face Tony Bellew for the second time this year he will be 37 years old. He’s not in his young prime anymore but he doesn’t lack any confidence and has a strong belief in his own strengths. December 17 will be a big date for Haye, if not the biggest so far in his career.

Before the first fight, a confident Haye promised to put Bellew away before the final bell but instead, it was ‘The Hayemaker’ who got knocked through the ropes last March.

“The first time around, I wasn’t mentally anticipating a tough battle but I found myself in one. This time, I know it can happen. I’ve tasted his punches, I’ve seen him take my punches. He’s a serious contender so I need to be on my A-game mentally and spiritually. I didn’t believe I needed that prior to the first fight,” said Haye to Sky Sports.

The former heavyweight champion promises not to make the same mistake again. Although he did suffer a devastating Achilles injury during the fight, Haye vowes that nothing will break down in the rematch.

“By the time I get into the ring [for the rematch] I’ll be 37 but I haven’t won multiple world titles in multiple weight classes by making the same mistake twice. I’m in a good physical place. My recovery from a ruptured Achilles has gone fantastically well. I’ve spent hours every day working behind the scenes so when I step into the ring, there will be no excuses. Nothing will break down,” he told.

Just how big is this fight for Haye? Simply put: it’s do or die for Haye, especially after his latest callouts

The Londoner has been mentioning Anthony Joshua and wants to gain back his spot as one of the best heavyweights in the world. Therefore, it’s a must-win situation at the O2 in December.

“I know this is my last chance, I’ll never get another chance after this,” said Haye.

Only a knockout will do, otherwise, Haye might call it quits for good.

“If I can’t knock Tony Bellew out, that’s it for me. If I can’t knock him out then I’m not the fighter that I once was, and I’m not the fighter that I believe I am,” he summarised.


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