Kambosos And Haney Share Final Thoughts Before Fight

George Kambosos & Devin Haney Press Conference

George Kambosos Jr is relishing being an underdog again when he fights Devin Haney on Sunday.

The 28-year-old will walk into the Marvel Stadium, Melbourne with three of the four lightweight world titles around him and the backing of 40,000 fans but WBC champion Haney is the odds-on favourite to become undisputed.

Last November ‘Ferocious’ George was barely given a shot of beating Teofimo Lopez and caused one of the upsets of the year defeating the New Yorker in his own backyard.

“I love the underdog status,” he said at the final press conference. “They’ve been against me my whole career. They’ve been saying that my whole career. I’m still the top dog, and after Sunday, I’ll remain the top dog.”

The fight week build up has been intense with Kambosos full of passion and trying his best to unsettle his American guest.

“I’m just having fun,” said Kambosos. “I’m enjoying the moment. I’m just talking the truth. If it has or hasn’t affected him, so be it. We’ll step in there on Sunday, and that’s where it matters.

“I have visualized victory by any means. I have manifested everything, every part of this journey. They said that we would never be here, but only two people really believed it, me and my father. So, I manifested my victory, and I visualize victory by any means on Sunday.”

Haney has spoken of this opportunity being a dream come true and while the task looks seismic from a non-fighting perspective the 24-year-old believes on the night in the ring it will come down to levels.

“I feel like I’m the far better fighter,” Haney opined. “I have far more skills than him. I will show him on Sunday. It’s for me to show in the ring. The betting odds really don’t matter because I will show you no matter what they say. I’m levels above him.”

The mental battle over the past week appears to have unaffected Haney and despite still being without his father and trainer due to visa issues the cool and calm game face remains the same.

“I knew that he [Kambosos] would try anything that he can to try to throw me off my game or get me unfocused,” said Haney. “But he can say what he wants to say, because regardless I’m going to do what I do when we step into the ring. I will come out victorious by any means.

“A win would be very satisfying because that means I did it against all odds, even when things weren’t working in my favour. They were trying to do anything they can to put me at a disadvantage. But when I come out on top, it’s going to be that much sweeter. I look forward to bringing the belts back and showing my dad what we accomplished together.”