Malignaggi Doesn’t Think McGregor Is Brave Enough To Fight – “I Would Fight Him For Free”

If you ask Paulie Malignaggi, the beef between him and Conor McGregor is quite far from over.

What started out as a friendly training camp turned into something else very quickly. McGregor’s team started posting photos of Malignaggi on the canvas while sparring McGregor. The public started questioning whether the Irishman actually dropped the American on the floor.

And then the infamous video got released by UFC President Dana White.

According to Malignaggi, it was all McGregor trying to get back at him because of comments that the former world champion made last December.

“I could beat him with one hand tied behind my back”, said Malignaggi in last December.

In a recent interview with, the boxer shared the latest about his beef with McGregor. The message is clear; he wants a fight and he wants it bad.

“I’m willing to risk fighting him for free just to punch him in the mouth again, again and again. That’s how confident I am he can’t beat me. I’d make it winner take all just for the pleasure of putting my fist in his teeth again,” said Malignaggi

Malignaggi is confident that he could stop McGregor.

“Conor gets stopped by me. If Conor doesn’t get stopped by me, I should get penalized at least a portion of my purse if I don’t stop this guy,” he said.

The boxer also shared the biggest reason why he thinks McGregor is not all that. According to him, the Irishman is not brave enough among other reasons.

“I think once you get the hang of it, once you get the hang of what Conor is doing, you start to break him. And as I’ve said from the start, this guy is not the bravest guy in the world. There’s a lot of punk in this guy. He’s a loud guy, he’s a brash guy. Honestly, in MMA he has the advantage most of the time, because he is talented. You have to give him that, he is talented. But a fighter is a fighter when faced with adversity. Not in round one, not when he’s talking at a press conference,” explained Malignaggi.

The 36-year old American boxer has even suggested a date for him and McGregor; St. Patrick’s Day, next year.

But since the Floyd Mayweather loss, the Irishman has stated that he will return to the UFC to defend his lightweight title.

Paulie Malignaggi will have to wait.


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