Rio Ferdinand Is Gunning For A Title – “You Can Die Playing Boxing,” Warns Former British Champion

Rio Ferdinand made headlines earlier this week when he announced his venture into professional boxing.

Betfair is sponsoring a documentary called “Defender To Contender”, which will show Ferdinand’s training and preparation for his first professional boxing fight next year.

The former Manchester United defender has linked up with former WBC champion Richie Woodhall. The 38 year old ex-footballer is stepping into a very serious contact sport. Former British champion and also footballer turned boxer, Curtis Woodhouse, warned Ferdinand on Twitter.

“This is no joke, you can die ‘playing’ boxing. Don’t ever write a man off. We don’t know what Rio’s got. It might be the second coming of Muhammad Ali. I very much doubt it. But a lot of the stuff I’m hearing comes from jealousy. People don’t want to give people a chance. If Rio is willing to dedicate his life to it and do it properly then who are we pour scorn on it. A lot of stuff annoys me and I had it directed at myself. I became a champion of England and Britain,” said Woodhouse.

The biggest difference is, Woodhouse made the move in his mid-twenties, while Ferdinand is nearly 40 years old.

According to reports, Ferdinand is actually looking to win a title next year. Here’s a short video of him hitting the pads.

“In all honesty, I think Rio can definitely box as a professional given time. He has natural power in his right hand, is extremely fit and is very enthusiastic to learn which is encouraging. Style wise he’s very raw and I’ll have to develop this which will take time but he has all the natural ingredients, height and reach advantages over boxers in his weight division and definitely has potential to win a title in the future,” commented coach Woodhall.

Here’s some footage of Ferdinand’s training.


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