Shannon Briggs Starts His Own Sports Agency

Shannon Briggs was given a six-month suspension last month after he failed a drug test back in May. In an interview with, ‘The Cannon’ says he feels bad for his fans and promises that he will be back.

“I felt really bad for my fans. I felt hurtful. It was disappointing emotionally because I love the fans. That’s what a champ is being all about, coming back from adversity and that’s what I’m doing. I felt really bad for the people because I love the people. I’m the people’s champ,” said Briggs.

But he also made a big announcement about his latest business venture.

“I just did a huge deal with an entertainment fund. Now we’re going to have ‘Let’s Go Champ Sports & Entertainment’, we’re going to be signing fighters, football players, basketball players, we’re doing some big things,” revealed Briggs.

While it seems that the focus is mainly on U.S sports, Briggs also told that they are planning to sign athletes from all sports.

“Full-force. Boxing, basketball, baseball. All sports, even cricket, champ! We really are world wide. We’re doing so many big things.”