The talk about Floyd Mayweather Jr having trouble against southpaws is gaining more ground. It’s no secret that Conor McGregor’s counter left will be his best weapon against Floyd. UFC President Dana White believes that the Irishman has the tools to cause an upset, especially when talking about Floyd’s past against southpaws.

Even Oscar De La Hoya said before the Manny Pacquiao fight that there is one flaw in Mayweather’s game and that’s the left hand.

“I’ve preached this all along. The left hand is the Kryptonite for Mayweather. He just does not know how to block a jab. It’s just not part of his arsenal. It’s not a part of his defense, blocking that jab.

“What’s going to be interesting is that Pacquiao has a lot of leg movement. So if he can keep firing that left hand, doubling it up and moving inside, moving outside he can give Floyd some trouble and make him think up there. Because you have to make Mayweather think. You have to take him out of his comfort zone. If Mayweather gets comfortable, he can cruise and win a relatively easy fight for 12 rounds,” said De La Hoya according to Business Insider.

Back in 2012, promoter Bob Arum said the same thing. Mayweather does not like southpaws.

“I know the guy and I know what his problem is, Mayweather, because we had him for 10 and a half years and his problem was he hated, he never wanted to face a southpaw and a southpaw that can move and punch with his left hand makes Mayweather completely vulnerable,” told Arum according to

Now, before we get too excited, let’s dish out some cold hard facts.

Yes, Mayweather Jr has faced adversity versus southpaws but he’s also defeated every single southpaw he has ever faced. Pacquiao was supposed to give him a proper run for his money due to his lightning fast left but reality stepped in and proved pundits wrong.

Zab Judah and DeMarcus Corley did land nasty shots against Mayweather but as we know, Floyd still managed to get his hand raised.

McGregor might be a powerful southpaw and perhaps even a good one. But is he an excellent southpaw? He has youth and tremendous self-confidence on his side but is that enough to dethrone the best defensive boxer of all time?