Tyson Fury continues bashing Joshua – “I will give him a boxing lesson”

Even with the delayed UKAD hearing and a comeback in Jeopardy, Tyson Fury hasn’t lost any focus. He still has one foe in mind and that is Anthony Joshua. Fury was a guest at TalkSport a short while ago and basically continued from where he left off the last time he mentioned Joshua.

“If the country wants me to fight a weightlifter, then that is what I will fight. No problem. It gives me motivation that a lot of people have picked him to beat me but, as I have said many times, we are in a sport that is called sweet science, not a bodybuilding contest or a strong man competition. When you can’t box and move, slip and slide and ride shots, and one man can, it is an easy fight,” said Fury

Fury’s main argument seems to be that while Joshua experienced some trouble against Klitschko, ‘The Gypsy King’ simply outclassed the Ukrainian.

“I will give him a boxing lesson and he will get so tired of chasing me around, trying to land big punches and missing all the time, I would stop him in the late half of the fight. Klitschko almost done him in round six. He was gone. Round five he was fatigued, round six he got plastered and had to crawl off the canvas. He was getting out boxed. He was landing big shots easy but I ain’t 41, I am 28. I will be 29 next year when the fight happens,” told Fury.

Fury is confident the fight will happen. But lets not forget he still has many hurdles in front of him, including getting his actual boxing license back and avoiding suspension by the anti-doping agency. Still, a date has been booked for the fight.

“(Joshua’s promoter) Eddie Hearn has already booked a date in, the 18th of April (20)18.”