Tyson Fury has made it clear that he isn’t interested in getting all of his belts back. He just wants to get back into boxing and then land big fights after tune-ups.

“To be honest I’m not interested in winning any more belts or titles because I’ve already won all the belts. There’s a lot of good prospects coming up so it should be easy for me get a couple of fights,” said Fury in an interview with IFL.TV.

The biggest fight of them all is Fury versus Anthony Joshua. Both of them are very open to the idea and it’s clearly the fight to make from a fans perspective. Fury is more than happy to face Joshua anywhere, even Nigeria.

“There’s plenty of places to have a big fight like that. It might be in Nigeria, Lagos. I’ve heard they’ve got a 180,000 seater there. So I consider I’m the Nigerian nightmare now,” he told.

But he also brings up Ireland and Wembley for possible venues.

“Or it could be in Ireland at Croke Park. That holds a lot of people or it could be at Wembley. You never know.”

Fury recently revealed that he needs to lose at least eight stone to get into fighting shape again.