Bellew Explains Why Conor Made It To The Tenth And Wants To Fight Bisping In A Cage

The boxing world gathered at T-Mobile Arena this past weekend and witnessed Conor McGregor going ten rounds against Floyd Mayweather before the technical knockout stoppage.

A lot of fighters gave compliments to McGregor after the fight and especially for looking good in the early rounds.

The WBC Emeritus World cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew was also in attendance at Mayweather-McGregor.

Bellew called it like he saw it and wasn’t really that impressed with Conor McGregor’s boxing skills at all. Even though the Irishman did win a couple of rounds according to the judge’s scorecards, Bellew explained why that happened.

“It only went to ten because Floyd carried him. He [McGregor] should be very proud of himself though. He showed an immense amount of balls. If Floyd got in a cage, it would be as one sided as that one. McGregor only won the first two round because he just stood there and did nothing. Pressured him and walked him down,” said Bellew in an interview with IFL.TV

There was a lot of hype surrounding McGregor’s powerful left hand but we saw none of it Saturday night.

“His punching was horrendous. There was no technique in it. There was no weight in the punches. I’m not joking, Floyd could have ended that in the first. Carried him. No two ways about it. Just carried him. But McGregor could literally carry Floyd in a cage,” Bellew continued.

McGregor eventually exhausted in front of everybody and fatigue took over.

“He’s not used to this style of fighting. This type of fighting. It takes years to figure out how to go 12 rounds to the distance,” he said in an interview with Fight Hub Tv.

‘The Bomber’ also touched on the subject of more people globally now being aware of boxing, UFC, and why he would like to fight UFC champion Michael Bisping in a cage.

“It’s done great for boxing. Boxing’s gone global all over the world. Everybody is talking about boxing. It’s done great for the UFC as well. It’s great for everyone involved. Great business. Nothing bad has come of this,” told Bellew.

Promoter Eddie Hearn hasn’t been overly excited about the idea of Bellew taking on the UFC middleweight champion, but ‘The Bomber’ himself is willing to do it inside the Octagon.

“I’d prefer to go in a cage. Wrestling. No jiu-jitsu, no one’s breaking my arm. I wouldn’t wanna do it in a boxing ring because it would be embarrassing. I would embarrass him. Just toy with him,” said Bellew.


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