Bellew Still Upset Over David Haye’s Coma Comments – “It Will Never Go Away Now That He’s Said It”

The pre fight build up leading to the first Tony Bellew-David Haye fight went overboard in many ways. The trash talk got intense and Haye even got fined due to his comments of him hospitalising Bellew and putting him into a coma.

The trash talk and the unexpected result of the fight itself lead to the rematch which will commence on Sunday, December 17th at the O2 Arena in London.

Bellew seems to be in good spirits regarding the rematch but in a recent interview with the Press Association, ‘The Bomber’ revealed that Haye’s comments still haunt him.

“To put my kids what he put them through: he’s just a k— of the highest order,” Bellew told Press Association Sport according to ESPN.

“He should never have said the things he said: saying my kids are going to visit me in hospital. It’ll never go away now that he’s said it. That gob—– made out like it was going to be glorious to hurt me,” said Bellew.

“I sent [my family] to Dubai before that fight and when they came back, the first thing my son said to his mother was ‘I can’t wait to go to school and tell everyone; I told them all he’d win’.

“So obviously kids are telling my son I’m going to get beat up, or whatever. It’s not nice at all,” told Bellew.

Bellew then went into detail about how his family was worried about his health, especially his kids.

“That’s just kids, they don’t see any harm in that, but they’re going to see harm when they’ve seen some gob—– saying he’s going to put me in a coma. That’s what this man’s capable of.

“My missus [also] knows it’s being said: she was in tears the night she went to Dubai. When you’re fighting at heavyweight for the first time your missus and your children worry. ‘Dad, you’re not that big; he’s massive’. It gets personal, and it gets even worse when a gob—– says what he says,” commented the Liverpudlian.

So far the pre fight talk between the two has been much less vulgar but come fight week, things might go up a notch or two. Still, this time around the focus will be more on the fight and not the trash talk, since there is so much at stake come December 17th.

Especially for David Haye.

Haye has stated he needs a win, a knockout win. Otherwise, ‘The Hayemaker’ is out for good.

“If I can’t beat Tony Bellew, my competitive boxing career is effectively over. There is no need me even mentioning any other names in the heavyweight division, about wanting to fight for titles, fight this guy, that guy … If I can’t beat Tony Bellew, then it’s over,” said Haye in an interview with TalkSport.

Should Haye get his hand raised after a knockout over Bellew, he will then target Anthony Joshua.

“I have a couple of fights, he has a couple of fights. If we both keep winning then a big stadium, me v Anthony Joshua, it doesn’t get any bigger than that,” said Haye.

Joshua has also entertained the idea of fighting Haye sometime in the future, but come 2018, the World heavyweight champion definitely has more urgent business to take care of in the form of Joseph Parker, Deontay Wilder, and Tyson Fury.


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