Tony Bellew Promises There Won’t Be A Third Fight – “The Freakshow Will End”

Tony Bellew and David Haye are set to end a marvelous boxing year with a bang.

A packed O2 Arena in London will get to witness one of the most anticipated rematches of the year on December 17th as Haye will try to avenge his TKO loss to Bellew.

Haye has stated that if he does not get the job done, he might most likely think about retirement.

If he does manage to get the win, a third fight will take place.

The negotiations regarding the rematch were long and according to promoter Eddie Hearn, this has been ‘the hardest fight ever’ for him to put together.

Though, Bellew has already promised Haye all the perks should a third fight happen.

“I’ve given him the upperhand if there’s a third fight, but I’m telling you now, there will not be a third fight. I will end his career. Once he loses again to me, his career is then over. There is no two ways about that. So I gave him all the little options and obligations that he wanted,” said Bellew in a Betsafe podcast.

“If David Haye wins, the third fight will be in his favour. Ring walks all that, but I was happy to give him that. I know there will be no third fight. This freakshow will end of the December 17th,” continued Bellew.

Bellew promises that this time around there won’t be any excuses from either side.

“Whenever he loses to a better skilled fighter, there’s always an excuse. The sore toe against Wladimir Klitschko, the experience of Carl Thompson, and against me it was a bad Achilles.”

“I had an injury too, my right hand was smashed in the second round. If people think that I only beat David because of an injury, then put all your money on David and back him then,” commented the Liverpudlian.

“He knows his career is on the line. He knows this. This is his final fight. I am coming to end David Haye’s career. I just really hope that we both get back home safe to our families. But number two priority is to win at all costs. Nothing else matters.”

Before the interview ended, Bellew also touched on the subject of ex-footballer Rio Ferdinand trying to become a professional boxer. The WBC Emeritus World cruiserweight champion had strong words about Ferdinand and called it ‘attention seeking in the highest order’ and more.

“Making a mockery out of our sport. It’s a very very serious and very dangerous sport. I think it’s attention seeking in the highest order. If he needs to let out anger and frustration, I’m pretty sure he can do that in the gym with sparring partners. To me, it reeks of ‘I can’t let go of the spotlight.’ He’s a proper gentleman but this boxing stuff reeks of desperation,” summarised Bellew.

Bellew and Haye will meet at the O2 Arena in London on Sunday, December 17th. The winner is rumoured and expected to face Joseph Parker for the WBO World heavyweight title next year.


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