Bellew: Haye learnt his lesson, rematch will be explosive

‘The Bomber’ Tony Bellew has shared his view that he is preparing for a ‘more explosive’ encounter against his long-running nemesis, David Haye ahead of their December 17 rematch date. Bellew also shared his assertion that the slugger from Bermondsey would have ‘learnt his lesson in defeat’ which insinuated the ‘Hayemaker’ will be making the necessary adjustments for a more competitive show, the second time around and it is a scenario Bellew has prepared for.

Speaking exclusively withSky Sports, Bellew shared “What you’re going to see on December 17, in my opinion, is two big cruiserweights get in the ring, that’s what I think,” when evaluating his rematch with the former WBA world heavyweight champion, Haye.

Touching on how his rival will be approaching the fight, he shared his view that he feels Haye won’t come in as heavy and sluggish as last time”I don’t think David is going to be coming in heavy.” Bellew also went on to explain that with more vigilant preparations this time around will make for a better fight in this holiday season rematch. “I think he will have learnt his lesson last time, and I think we’ll see a different fight this time also, I really, really do believe that. Hopefully more explosive, if that’s possible.”

Bellew also went to open the lid on the bitterness festering between the pair “I know he can’t stand the sight of me,” explained Bellew before addressing Haye directly in the interview with an ominous warning. “David I know you tuned in at home. Just be prepared, just be ready, because the 17th of December – it will be the last time you will experience walking to a boxing ring, it’s as simple as that.

Bellew was very frank when talking about what is store for Haye come fight night fter also saying his opponent’s uncharacteristic quiet approach in the build-up to the fight hasn’t hindered his mindset which is focused very much on securing another victory.

“I’m going to end David Haye’s career on December 17th. I don’t care what people think. Tell me I’m crazy, tell me I’m stupid. “He’s been very silent and playing the nice guy at the moment. If you need me to be the bad guy mate, I can be whatever you want me to be” Bellew remarked.

On a final note, Bellew concluded “At the end of the day, he’s said so many things in the past, right now I think he’s run out of insults for me. I think we just want to punch each other in the face now and you’re going to get the chance on December 17th.”


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