Tyson Fury’s absence has been well documented. He’s had issues with anti-doping, drugs and he’s lost his boxing license.

Even though he hasn’t fought in nearly two years, Fury has been active in social media and very vocal about opponents. He is currently waiting for his ruling on his suspension and if all goes according to plan, he just might fight this year. 

“We are hoping that he [Tyson] will be back soon, our legal teams are dealing with it and we are just waiting on them to give us a green light,” said Peter Fury, Tyson’s trainer.

Fury recently appeared at a public event and told that he’s in the biggest shape of his entire life. But he is doing his best at the gym to get rid of the extra weight according to trainer Peter.

“He is in a good place at the moment, back in the gym and shedding weight,” told the trainer.

Boxing isn’t what it used to be according to to the trainer because of Tyson’s absence.

“I think people only realise how much he did bring to the game, both inside and out of the ring, now that he’s not there anymore. He’s fabulous for the sport and he will be back.”