Julio Cesar Chavez has finally broken his silence about the hotel room video. The clip clearly shows the fighter laying in bed with allegedly paid women. His newly found acquaintances apparently stole some of the boxer’s belongings and essentially hustled poor Chavez Jr.

The damage? 40 000 dollar watch and his check for fighting Canelo. On top of that his mobile phone was also apparently taken.

Chavez Jr believes he was set up and possibly duped by a friend.

“I think all this and the video was planned, it was something done to burn me. They did what they did with the video and then they left. I have never paid for any woman, nor will I. They took advantage of me. I am very confident [that it was orchestrated by someone that I know]. I know that it was not the right thing to do [by me], but it’s also not right to say that I’m the worst thing out there, to call me an infidel, and say that I’m a bad example for the youth, said Chavez Jr.

Of course for Chavez Jr it’s not the money he’s worried about – it’s his wife.

“For me money comes and goes, but what mattered most to me was that my wife knew that nothing had happened with these other girls. Of course she was angry with me, she is my wife, but I spoke with one of the boys who appeared in the video and I demanded he explain what happened; he got scared. I said, ‘The problem here is not the watch, the money comes and goes, I want you to tell my wife that nothing happened with the other girls.’ He replied: ‘The women came and went.’ What happened gave me a problem with Frida,” told Chavez Jr.

The fighters life has been in turmoil since the loss to Canelo. His own father went on live TV and pulled the rug under junior. Although Chavez Jr’s coach Nacho Beristain still has hope for him, it is very unclear what will happen with his career.