Bellew: “He’s Like F’N John McClane, He Never Dies”

We saw a calm and collective Tony Bellew at the first press conference in London earlier this week but he still hasn’t forgotten about David Haye’s comments.

Haye caused controversy with his comments before the first fight and vowed to cause brain trauma and put Bellew to the hospital. The London boxer was fined by British Boxing Board of Control afterwards.

Bellew said he still hasn’t heard an apology from Haye but isn’t really expecting one either.

“He hasn’t taken that back. He hasn’t apologised and said he was wrong for saying that. He hasn’t said that because that’s what he believes. He’s that egotistical. He’s discarded the first five rounds of the fight. In his mind, he was like ‘ I was injured, I was injured’, he hinted there slightly that he was injured coming into the fight,” said Bellew.

“If you didn’t pick up on it, he said ‘I couldn’t couldn’t do certain things in training that I’m doing now.’ Well, this isn’t what you were saying before the last fight. This guy was telling me before the last fight that this is the best Haymaker. This is Hayemaker 2.0, well who am I going in with this time? Hayemaker 3.0? He’s like f*cking John McClane, he never dies. This is not a Die Hard movie, it’s f*cking crazy,” told Bellew

During the recent press conference, Haye said that Bellew is a part of ‘an exclusive club of multimillionaire boxers’ in the UK but Bellew denied having that much money.

“Regardless of what he says, I’m not a multimillionaire. I’ve invested all my money in property. I don’t need much in this life. I like nice shoes, I like a nice watch, a few bits of nice clothes. I don’t need anything extravagant. I mean I wanna Rolls Royce Wraith but Eddie’s [Hearn] beat me to it. So I can’t get one. I don’t need the extravagant things.

“The difference between me and this clown is that he loves the limelight. If you guys have an envelope here, he would come to the opening of an envelope as long as there’s cameras and flashy lights. I’ll be honest I hate this. I’m very honoured that people come out and listen to me talk sh*t but the fact of the matter is I don’t like it,” commented the WBC Emeritus World cruiserweight champion.

Bellew and Haye will fight once again on Sunday, December 17th at the O2 Arena in London.


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